Where is the rule book for this?

21 Apr

When should this retire?

Another conversation that occasionally surfaces between my girlfriends and I is the Juicy Suit conversation. It really has nothing to do with the actual Juicy sweat suit, but more just any sweat suit in general. There are many other companies that rhinestone and bedazzle loose-fitting pants and sweaters and then proceed to mark them up to $300 plus, but Juicy is the only company with the genius to call it couture! I hope they pay their marketing team well!

This conversation is more about the age appropriateness of a bright pink rhinestoned mess covering a woman in her 40’s who is taking her kids to lunch at Fashion Island. Now I know that this is especially prevalent in the part of the country that I happen to reside in (you guessed it OC), but I cant help but notice that this epidemic is spreading.

Recently I went on a ski vacation in Utah and saw a mother daughter team in matching bright fuchsia blinged out sweat suits. The girl who was only a few years shy of myself looked cute and put together, while the mom just looked like someone who was desperately trying to look like her daughters friend (or perhaps foe if this were a high school sitcom). I felt like the suit was almost mocking her age! Something like the mullet: business in the front, party in the back; but instead it was…

Juicy Suit: scary in the front, hot from the back. This contraption should be awarded for being the most age defying piece of clothing if viewed from behind! Someone get a Nobel Peace Prize out. Yes, us Southern Californians would merit this type of behavior.

So I’m 25 and I am wondering…when should I retire my bright pink Juicy suit? At what age? Where are the guild lines in the rule book on this daunting topic? Dammit I need answers!!!

Image from juicycouture-juicy.com


Fire and Ice

25 Feb

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-Robert Frost

This is by far one of the best opening scenes of a movie that I have ever seen! Bella and Edward are sitting in a field surrounded by flowers and she is studying out loud for her English exam. It is so romantic! Then on top of all that Edward asks Bella to marry him! (insert gooey music here!)

Nox Polishes have two colors that I think express Fire and Ice. The first is somewhat of a coral color which is huge for spring! The color has debuted on runways all around NYFW and can be seen in every designers collection! The second color is more of an icy dark blue that has a hint of shimmer in the sunlight (just like Edward!). If I were going to be doing a look for these two polishes I would be paint all of my colors the coral color and just one pinky or ring finger dark icy blue! Total hot look for summer!

Siracha Chicken Stir Fry

23 Feb

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I have always been a huge fan of Chinese food, even if you are hungry one hour after eating. Home made is the best because you can make sure all the ingredients are healthy, organic, and meet some form of nutritional standards. I hate eating food that was once a healthy concept and has been made into nothing but fat and salt (thank you Panda Express)! Well, when I am hung over that Panda stuff tastes pretty good!

Anyways, here is my ultra spicy siracha chicken stir-fry that is good for you and all my friends love it!


1 lb chicken breast (about 2 breasts)

1 tbsp grape seed oil (canola if you must substitute)

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 ½ tbsp Siracha

¼ cup chicken stock (low sodium)

2 tsp cornstarch

1 onion

3 Portobello mushrooms (stems removed)

5 cloves of garlic

2 tsp fresh ginger root

½ red bell pepper

1 medium head of broccoli

½ red jalapeño pepper

1 baby bok choy

1 cup wild brown rice

1 cup vegetable stock

Black Pepper and Crushed Red Pepper to taste

In a rice cooker combine the wild brown rice and the vegetable stock. Add a tiny bit of grape seed oil if desired. No salt is needed because the vegetable stock gives so much flavor! Mmmm!

While the rice is cooking, chop your onions and portabellas lengthwise. Next peel your garlic’s and finely chop your ginger root.  Slice your chicken breasts into bite size pieces. Cut the rest of your veggies for preparation and easy cooking.

In a wok on medium add your grape seed oil. Let the wok heat for about a minute and then add your onion. Let the onions cook for a good 2-3 minutes till they become translucent. Then add your portabellas garlic and ginger root. I like to use a garlic press, but if you do not have one than simply finely chopping is okay. Toss contents until the portabellas begin to wilt, maybe 3 minutes.  Next add in your soy sauce, chicken stock, and siracha. Stir and add your chicken breast! Now the place smells good!  In a small separate bowl, combine your cornstarch (organic please) with enough water to cover it and then stir until the contents dissolve. Add to the wok. Adding cornstarch thickens the sauce!

Let the chicken cook about 80% through and add your broccoli and bell peppers. Some people like to use Chinese peas too, but that is up to you! Mix around until you see that everything is basically cooked. Now it is time to add the chopped baby bok choy! I like to add the bok choy and then let it sit on top so that the other ingredients can lightly steam it before I toss it in. Bok choy doesn’t need a lot of cook time so about 90 seconds should be enough!

Turn off the flame and serve over the wild brown rice! Don’t forget to bring the siracha to the table! Enjoy!

A Velvet Rope I want to Stand Behind!

16 Feb

Velvet Rope Collection- Candle on the bottom right!

How annoying is it when you go out to the clubs in LA AND you are for sure on the guest list AND have a bottle inside AND those people still make you stand in line so that they can exert power over you because they can. The answer is VERY ANNOYING.

Anyways, yesterday Ron Robinson who is the president of Apothia Los Angeles came to speak to us about what his inspiration was behind his products. Normally I tend to go for more expensive, yet mainstream perfume that you can find at any Nieman’s counter, but I was truly intrigued by not only his designs, but also his scents.

IF is his first and most popular scent that has floral notes, peppered with hints of Yuzu and Grapefruit. While I found myself attracted to IF, I really loved his other scent Velvet Rope. Velvet Rope was a concept that he came up with while at a bar in London having a dry vanilla martini. The bartender had mixed the vodka and vermouth together and garnished it with a real vanilla bean. The oil of the vanilla bean had dripped down the martini glass and viola! Velvet Rope’s concept was born! Apothia’s website describes the scent as, “an icy cold, dry vanilla martini spiked with absolute jasmine and a twist of grapefruit.” Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that my staple drink is a greyhound. No wonder I was intrigued by the fragrance!

The design of the roll-on fragrance oil is really what gained my enthusiasm! The outside is a soft rubber that bounces when lightly dropped! Your perfume oil literally has a spring in its step! I’m obsessed! What a great article for your purse!

Another part of his fragrance collection that I couldn’t get enough of was his candles! They double as solid perfume because they have no harmful additives in them so you can rub them directly on your skin! He carries his element of rubber throughout his whole line. The candles are flanked by rubber strips on top for both functionality (you can move the lit candle with ease without burning yourself) and a design element! How hip is that?

I really love this line and will be rockin’ the Velvet Rope for months to come!

Image Credit: http://www.ronrobinson.com



Fork’s Seasons

16 Feb

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Remember when Bella was sitting by her window waiting for Edwards to return after he told her that he couldn’t be with her anymore? Everyone knows what it is like to go thorough a breakup. It is horrible, painful and emotional. Bella was so stunned that she sat through all the seasons of Forks waiting for Edward to come back into her life. The window before her is plagued by the time and all the seasons vibrant colors. From the deep purples to the sparkle of snow. Nothing seems to get through to her though, except for Edwards absence.

The Nox Collection aims to capture all the colors of the seasons as well as Bella’s moods. These are the colors that I have selected from the collection to represent that painful time in her life. The Volturi Family crest is also placed on the bottle to remind Bella of Edward and what his future may be if she dose not safe him from himself. Both Bella and Edward need to be saved in their tragic struggle for each other’s love. Happy Valentines Day.

Iridescent Sparkles represent Edward if he were to show himself in the sun

Pink and Gold shimmer are for Bella and her soft beauty

Pink Sparkle is for the sunset at dusk during the fall

Blue-hued Maroon represents the color of love Bella has for Edward during the time of waiting…

Deep Sangria Red stands for the depth of Bella and Edwards connection, even when not physically together

Black is for the shadow cast over Bella’s heart in this time of sorrow

Twilight Beauty is offering HALF OFF everything on their site through February 28th. Click here for details. There is a new Edward and Bella Set for Valentines Day! The set is a blend of both Edward’s and Bella’s colors:

1) the Team Edward palette AND the Bella palette
2) the two Edward and Bella NOX Twilight nail polishes that are pictured together above
3) two femme fatale lip glosses : in Surrender (natural rosy pink) and Drizzle (clear gloss with silvery sparkle)

Jacob’s Motorcycle Eyes

9 Feb

Volturi Twilight Foreshadow Eyelid Primer

Dose anyone remember that scene from twilight where Jacob is helping Bella put the motorcycle back together so that she can eventually out herself into danger to find Edward? Well besides the fact that Jacobs abs are so hot and overwhelming, Bella’s eyes look glowing and dewy. Now we know that you can get that glowing a dewy look from working on a bike all day in a shed with Jacob, but how about for us girls that are not hot and bothered with Jacob? It’s somewhat like that glow you get from the gym when you have just finished working out, but with a hint of sheen, oh and the rest of your face isn’t an oil pit. That is the look I want to achieve.

I personally have tried many different shadows (both wet and dry) to achieve this look. Some of my peer mix vaseline with certain products, but i fins that the end result is creasing. Then I stumbled upon the Foreshadow. It is part of the Twilight collection that is so rightfully named. It is a primer for other shadows that doesn’t have that awkward sticky feeling or alone nude color. It really can be work both alone or with shadows. The glow that it gives is dewy and great for a date, even a Valentines kiss. The sheen is a glossy nude that reflects the light with the perfect hit of Bella blush like rose. It never creases like most other primers, but you don’t get that icky color when worn alone. Call me a Jacob shed and motorcycle enthuasist, but I am wearing this primer alone.

Second Skin

2 Feb

Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup

I am one of those girls that is always on the search for new foundation or something that is going to make my face look comepletly flawless. I mean, how else am I supposed to get free drinks? This foundation lives up to its name. It really is like face fabric and it never looks cakey on your face. Also because it is silicone based it doesnt settle into fine line or pores! Face Fabric also has a sunscreen (SPF 12).   I highly recomend this for summer nights when you want to look “bare”, but still done up! All you need is a bronzer and a cocktail and you are good to go for the night! Did someone mention a rooftop party?

You can buy Giorgio Armani Cosmetics at Neiman’s and Barneys! Happy shopping!