Jacob’s Motorcycle Eyes

9 Feb

Volturi Twilight Foreshadow Eyelid Primer

Dose anyone remember that scene from twilight where Jacob is helping Bella put the motorcycle back together so that she can eventually out herself into danger to find Edward? Well besides the fact that Jacobs abs are so hot and overwhelming, Bella’s eyes look glowing and dewy. Now we know that you can get that glowing a dewy look from working on a bike all day in a shed with Jacob, but how about for us girls that are not hot and bothered with Jacob? It’s somewhat like that glow you get from the gym when you have just finished working out, but with a hint of sheen, oh and the rest of your face isn’t an oil pit. That is the look I want to achieve.

I personally have tried many different shadows (both wet and dry) to achieve this look. Some of my peer mix vaseline with certain products, but i fins that the end result is creasing. Then I stumbled upon the Foreshadow. It is part of the Twilight collection that is so rightfully named. It is a primer for other shadows that doesn’t have that awkward sticky feeling or alone nude color. It really can be work both alone or with shadows. The glow that it gives is dewy and great for a date, even a Valentines kiss. The sheen is a glossy nude that reflects the light with the perfect hit of Bella blush like rose. It never creases like most other primers, but you don’t get that icky color when worn alone. Call me a Jacob shed and motorcycle enthuasist, but I am wearing this primer alone.


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