A Velvet Rope I want to Stand Behind!

16 Feb

Velvet Rope Collection- Candle on the bottom right!

How annoying is it when you go out to the clubs in LA AND you are for sure on the guest list AND have a bottle inside AND those people still make you stand in line so that they can exert power over you because they can. The answer is VERY ANNOYING.

Anyways, yesterday Ron Robinson who is the president of Apothia Los Angeles came to speak to us about what his inspiration was behind his products. Normally I tend to go for more expensive, yet mainstream perfume that you can find at any Nieman’s counter, but I was truly intrigued by not only his designs, but also his scents.

IF is his first and most popular scent that has floral notes, peppered with hints of Yuzu and Grapefruit. While I found myself attracted to IF, I really loved his other scent Velvet Rope. Velvet Rope was a concept that he came up with while at a bar in London having a dry vanilla martini. The bartender had mixed the vodka and vermouth together and garnished it with a real vanilla bean. The oil of the vanilla bean had dripped down the martini glass and viola! Velvet Rope’s concept was born! Apothia’s website describes the scent as, “an icy cold, dry vanilla martini spiked with absolute jasmine and a twist of grapefruit.” Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that my staple drink is a greyhound. No wonder I was intrigued by the fragrance!

The design of the roll-on fragrance oil is really what gained my enthusiasm! The outside is a soft rubber that bounces when lightly dropped! Your perfume oil literally has a spring in its step! I’m obsessed! What a great article for your purse!

Another part of his fragrance collection that I couldn’t get enough of was his candles! They double as solid perfume because they have no harmful additives in them so you can rub them directly on your skin! He carries his element of rubber throughout his whole line. The candles are flanked by rubber strips on top for both functionality (you can move the lit candle with ease without burning yourself) and a design element! How hip is that?

I really love this line and will be rockin’ the Velvet Rope for months to come!

Image Credit: http://www.ronrobinson.com




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