Fork’s Seasons

16 Feb

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Remember when Bella was sitting by her window waiting for Edwards to return after he told her that he couldn’t be with her anymore? Everyone knows what it is like to go thorough a breakup. It is horrible, painful and emotional. Bella was so stunned that she sat through all the seasons of Forks waiting for Edward to come back into her life. The window before her is plagued by the time and all the seasons vibrant colors. From the deep purples to the sparkle of snow. Nothing seems to get through to her though, except for Edwards absence.

The Nox Collection aims to capture all the colors of the seasons as well as Bella’s moods. These are the colors that I have selected from the collection to represent that painful time in her life. The Volturi Family crest is also placed on the bottle to remind Bella of Edward and what his future may be if she dose not safe him from himself. Both Bella and Edward need to be saved in their tragic struggle for each other’s love. Happy Valentines Day.

Iridescent Sparkles represent Edward if he were to show himself in the sun

Pink and Gold shimmer are for Bella and her soft beauty

Pink Sparkle is for the sunset at dusk during the fall

Blue-hued Maroon represents the color of love Bella has for Edward during the time of waiting…

Deep Sangria Red stands for the depth of Bella and Edwards connection, even when not physically together

Black is for the shadow cast over Bella’s heart in this time of sorrow

Twilight Beauty is offering HALF OFF everything on their site through February 28th. Click here for details. There is a new Edward and Bella Set for Valentines Day! The set is a blend of both Edward’s and Bella’s colors:

1) the Team Edward palette AND the Bella palette
2) the two Edward and Bella NOX Twilight nail polishes that are pictured together above
3) two femme fatale lip glosses : in Surrender (natural rosy pink) and Drizzle (clear gloss with silvery sparkle)


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