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A Velvet Rope I want to Stand Behind!

16 Feb

Velvet Rope Collection- Candle on the bottom right!

How annoying is it when you go out to the clubs in LA AND you are for sure on the guest list AND have a bottle inside AND those people still make you stand in line so that they can exert power over you because they can. The answer is VERY ANNOYING.

Anyways, yesterday Ron Robinson who is the president of Apothia Los Angeles came to speak to us about what his inspiration was behind his products. Normally I tend to go for more expensive, yet mainstream perfume that you can find at any Nieman’s counter, but I was truly intrigued by not only his designs, but also his scents.

IF is his first and most popular scent that has floral notes, peppered with hints of Yuzu and Grapefruit. While I found myself attracted to IF, I really loved his other scent Velvet Rope. Velvet Rope was a concept that he came up with while at a bar in London having a dry vanilla martini. The bartender had mixed the vodka and vermouth together and garnished it with a real vanilla bean. The oil of the vanilla bean had dripped down the martini glass and viola! Velvet Rope’s concept was born! Apothia’s website describes the scent as, “an icy cold, dry vanilla martini spiked with absolute jasmine and a twist of grapefruit.” Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that my staple drink is a greyhound. No wonder I was intrigued by the fragrance!

The design of the roll-on fragrance oil is really what gained my enthusiasm! The outside is a soft rubber that bounces when lightly dropped! Your perfume oil literally has a spring in its step! I’m obsessed! What a great article for your purse!

Another part of his fragrance collection that I couldn’t get enough of was his candles! They double as solid perfume because they have no harmful additives in them so you can rub them directly on your skin! He carries his element of rubber throughout his whole line. The candles are flanked by rubber strips on top for both functionality (you can move the lit candle with ease without burning yourself) and a design element! How hip is that?

I really love this line and will be rockin’ the Velvet Rope for months to come!

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The Never Ending Debate

19 Jan

My bestie drew this bad boy at work! So scientific!

So my girlfriends and I were sitting in class one day thinking about what we would do with ourselves if this whole “beauty industry” thing doesn’t work out. Obviously, the whole housewife subject came to be. I was thinking though, I have known some men of the past to marry just for the looks aka “the trophy wife”. I remember reading John Grisham‘s The Appeal when I was on my way to California at a young age and thinking once I got off the plane that my uncle had definitely gone that route. My aunt-to-be was beautiful beyond words (plus she got points for the accent) and well, my uncle was clearly interested. Any man who was heterosexual would have been.

At Woody’s Warf one  Thursday night I happened to raise the question for a different set of girlfriends. And viola! the Venn Diagram came to be! Thank goodness for all those years in business school, they finally helped me articulate something remotely useful.

According to the diagram above, you can be both. Hey, I strive.

Flameless Candle Inventor

16 Nov

Holy Santa Clause Shit!

So it was that time of the year again, the time to get on the train, booze, get dirty and meet the inventor of the flameless candle (yes, that happened). Of course we thought that drinking a bunch of wine before going on the run seemed like a good idea (people who we knew at the races had bets on us that we were going to be pretty boozy by the time the race happened, naturally we were all offended!!!)

About 4 bottles of Pinot Grigio later we were lining up at the starting line waiting for the cattle horn to go off so that we could all prance around in our “Step Brothers” tee’s and shorts from Target’s kid department (what, have you shopped the grown up department there?). Now, any attempt to look athletic at this event is almost frowned upon, in fact if you showed up in any sort of normal running gear you had a pretty high chance of getting punched in the face! Without hesitation we took this race as an opportunity for a photo shoot and at every turn had someone stop and take pics of us in action! Later, we hopped on over to Pizza Port and ordered something that would for sure land us in the obesity range had we not done the run. I guess we then skidaddled over to the train station after and I was attempting to lure small asian cyclist men in spandex with my pizza while winking at a friend of ours repeating “I know how to bring them in!” NOT OKAY.

Now I know what you are all thinking, meeting the inventor of the flameless candle is like meeting an American Idol non-finalist, but I had to say I was mildly impressed by his pseudo celebrity. I mean, they even flicker like a real candle! Über wow!

Would the Romans have drank Franzia?

3 Nov

Dionysus obviously needs a box in his life!

So now that college is over and we are no longer toting around fake ID’s and taking language mid-terms buzzed just because we swore that our verb congregation was more fluid, one has to ask about our old thirst quenching habits…Boxed or Jug Wine?

Reminiscing on some old, but very good times in Napa (trust me, furniture from Marie Antoinette’s Palace was involved) my friend and I joked about the jug of wine we bought in the middle of some of the worlds most prestigious vineyards. If you want to talk irony here, this was it, well except for the time my mother broke her wrist ice skating in the middle of summer in Hawaii, but that is a whole other story. Anyways, the question that was coming from a mile away finally

What would Julius Caesar do?

arrived: Which is more classy, Boxed or Jug?

Having such fond memories of Franzia (flavors Crisp White and Sunset Blush to be exact) and knowing that the classier one will always fit into your purse for the tailgate/nightclub/house party, I decided that the box was simply more convenient/glamorous! The vote was unanimous: Boxed Wine!

This got me to thinking…If the Roman God of Wine (aka Dionysus) drank out of a jug than why was I being such a hater on the jug? I even like Roman pottery! So the real question being, would the Romans have drunk Sunset Blush if they could have?

The 411 on the 702, Halloween Edition

1 Nov

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Having just fresh gotten out of a relationship it only seemed appropriate to head off to Las Vegas for Halloween. With nothing to lose except for my dignity and my Halloween costume I said “what the hell” and about a ticket with one of my favorite girlies!

To me, Vegas is just as much about the people that you go with as the places that you stay and we had a quite the crew. Some old college friends and some new stripper friends and we were headed straight down “the road of good times”.

The first night we ate at SushiSamba and headed over to XS afterwards for some mischievous and shots bought by strange men. SushiSamba I will have to say somewhat disappointed me with their lack of flavor in their rolls. I know that I have been spoiled with good sushi, but for the caliber of the hotel, I certainly expected better. XS was fun as usual (I tend to like clubs that serve  strong drinks) and the crowd was eye pleasing. I highly recomend it to any 20-something man/woman who enjoys the occational blackout when surrounded with genetically superior human specimens.

Night two was the night that we all decided to dress up, and by “dress up” I mean girls get by in as little as possible and guys find excuses to wear spandex and heels, maybe even an occational bra stuffing. Knowing full well what the night was going to bring to us we decided to carb load at Stratta before having vodka be our main source of ingestion and what an amazing place to eat! I had a lobster pasta that was perfectly seasoned with plenty of lobster (no skimping factor there)! Others all basically got Italian food and everyone finished their plate!

The same night brought us to Surrender which I must say had the best atmosphere of any club I have ever been to in Vegas. It was outside and inside at the same time and with Juliet balconies that looked over the strip so that you could potentially harass passer-byers (not that anyone in my group did that, we are all refined and mature young adults). It also has blackjack tables so you don’t even have to leave the club to gamble away your salary.

All in all, I consider this Halloween a success and I didn’t even leave up, I broke even.