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Where is the rule book for this?

21 Apr

When should this retire?

Another conversation that occasionally surfaces between my girlfriends and I is the Juicy Suit conversation. It really has nothing to do with the actual Juicy sweat suit, but more just any sweat suit in general. There are many other companies that rhinestone and bedazzle loose-fitting pants and sweaters and then proceed to mark them up to $300 plus, but Juicy is the only company with the genius to call it couture! I hope they pay their marketing team well!

This conversation is more about the age appropriateness of a bright pink rhinestoned mess covering a woman in her 40’s who is taking her kids to lunch at Fashion Island. Now I know that this is especially prevalent in the part of the country that I happen to reside in (you guessed it OC), but I cant help but notice that this epidemic is spreading.

Recently I went on a ski vacation in Utah and saw a mother daughter team in matching bright fuchsia blinged out sweat suits. The girl who was only a few years shy of myself looked cute and put together, while the mom just looked like someone who was desperately trying to look like her daughters friend (or perhaps foe if this were a high school sitcom). I felt like the suit was almost mocking her age! Something like the mullet: business in the front, party in the back; but instead it was…

Juicy Suit: scary in the front, hot from the back. This contraption should be awarded for being the most age defying piece of clothing if viewed from behind! Someone get a Nobel Peace Prize out. Yes, us Southern Californians would merit this type of behavior.

So I’m 25 and I am wondering…when should I retire my bright pink Juicy suit? At what age? Where are the guild lines in the rule book on this daunting topic? Dammit I need answers!!!

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