Calling All Barbie Fans!

25 Jan

So I was stumbling along the world wide web and found this super fun event to go to in Santa Ana over the weekend! Lola Cosmetics will be there along with their head makeup artist Klexius Kolby who has done countless celebrity’s over the years and American Idol! He is most famed for Michael Jackson on his last major tour! I mean, if he can make a falling off nose look good imagine what he can do with your perfect canvas? Plus, the eyeliner that Barbie wears is super sexified!


The Never Ending Debate

19 Jan

My bestie drew this bad boy at work! So scientific!

So my girlfriends and I were sitting in class one day thinking about what we would do with ourselves if this whole “beauty industry” thing doesn’t work out. Obviously, the whole housewife subject came to be. I was thinking though, I have known some men of the past to marry just for the looks aka “the trophy wife”. I remember reading John Grisham‘s The Appeal when I was on my way to California at a young age and thinking once I got off the plane that my uncle had definitely gone that route. My aunt-to-be was beautiful beyond words (plus she got points for the accent) and well, my uncle was clearly interested. Any man who was heterosexual would have been.

At Woody’s Warf one  Thursday night I happened to raise the question for a different set of girlfriends. And viola! the Venn Diagram came to be! Thank goodness for all those years in business school, they finally helped me articulate something remotely useful.

According to the diagram above, you can be both. Hey, I strive.

It’s official, I’m a Twi-hard!

17 Jan

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I don’t know how many people you know who are both beauty and packaging freaks, but I am defiantly one of them! I love the fact that all of Twilights Volturi collection has the most amazing packaging. The mascara that I got is so beautifully packaged that I think  some of the other makeup lines could take some serious lessons! The color that I have is “black knight” which is black, but has a sheer shimmer to it so that it adds that super foxy extra allure to your eyes! Not only that, but it is amazing at separating your lashes while still giving va-va-voom volume!

This would really look great to accompany a smoky black eye and a hot date! Team Jacob please! All I need now are some red D&G stilettos and the game is in the bag!

Twilight Beauty can be purchased at Nordy’s or click here to go to the amazing web page!

A Very Botox Birthday!

17 Jan

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So I decided to see what all the hype was about, because honestly this mirace syrup gets an awful lot of press. Some would even say that Lindsay Lohan has a competitor! I went to a Dr. Krant in La Jolla shortly after Christmas and let him go to town on my forehead. Now I have to say that I hate needles, but the crunching sound I like even less! You can literally hear the Botox entering your forehead! Crunch crunch crunch! I really like the results though! My makeup application is so much better in my forehead because my foundation doesn’t settle in the fine lines. Highly recommend, plus who really needs to frown anyways?

DuWop’s Venom Gloss Candy Box

7 Dec

I love this Holiday DuWop Venom box because it comes with so many great colors! I literally want to put all of them in my purse/car/makeup drawer so that I can have plump lips at easy access! This will def come in handy over the weekend for the bachelorette party! Plump lips = lots of wanted/unwanted attention from men! Yay on both counts, but only because it is a bachelorette party!

“A Very Plastic Thanksgiving”

2 Dec

Thumbs Up!

The holidays are among us and you know what that means…presents for ourselves! I love this time of the year because you can claim that you are going to the mall to “holiday shop” when in all reality you just want to shop for yourself. Like I am really going into BCBG to shop for grandma?

Anyways, so my bestie decided to get something for herself this year that didn’t require Fashion Island, though I heard that you can get them there if you like…no really. We woke up at the crack of dawn and headed over to the doctor’s office where we could not for the life of us figure out how to get in. Yes, we were those idiots waving to the censor wondering if it was broken. I of course thought that there was for sure some alternative entrance so I tramped around the building looking for this “alternative entrance”. I thought at this very point that if someone were watching us we would perfectly fit the dumb blonde stereotype. Should you be allowed to get boobs if you are not smart enough to get into the building? Hmmmm…

So we finally get in by the good grace of God who surely was sitting up in the heavens laughing at us. That’s right, I think God made blondes for his own humor. Bestie goes into get her pre-surgery robe on and about 10 IV’s in her skinny spray tanned arms and shortly after I am called in.

For some reason I see her in her American flag medical cap and I know that in a few short hours she is going to be drugged out in painkillers with bigger boobs. I start to cry while repeating “this is so beautiful” like she is birthing her first-born child! I knew when she gave me a thumbs up it was time for our lives to change forever!

Twilight Beauty

2 Dec

So recently I stumbled upon something that I normally wouldn’t touch without a martini in hand, but I must say, I was very impressed with Twilight Beauty Collection. They make some really amazing products and they are of quality. Rumor has it that they might do a blowout sale for December with all their items 50% off. Team Edward? Team Jacob? Who cares, Im team Twilight Beauty!